GOING PLACES (2008 - 13x30')

Going Places goes behind the airline Jestar as it launches its service across Asia. The show follows the inner workings of the airline as well as the destinations.


It gives an inside look behind a working airline exploring foreign countries with a fresh approach.





Self-taught chef Paul Mercurio has the enviable task of touring Victoria and Tasmania to havest a bounty of fresh and tasty produce, which he takes to renowned local chefs to creat seriously mouth watering recipes- .



BREAD (200x30')

Bread is a business show that brings the success stories and challenges of small business first hand, featuring real people in real situations..






Troy's story is the inspirational documentary about Australian motocycle sensation Troy Bayliss. The charismatic laconic, family man who risked it all in his quest to become world champion.





YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS (2006 - 45x30')(2007 - 30x30')(2008 - 5x30')

The Your Business Success series provides practical business advice from leading business entrepreneurs applied to a real life businesses.


Each week a different business entrepreneur shares their business knowledge from leading entrepeneurs.




KOCHIES BUSINESS BUILDERS (2007-13x30')(2008-13x30')

Koshie's Business Builders is dedicated to providing small and medium sized business owners with helpful information n the building blocks of business.


No matter whether you're just starting out, looking to expand your current operations or thinking of exiting your business, we've got you covered! .




MY BUSINESS TV (Series 2-13x30' Series 3-13x30' Series 4-13x30' Series 5 2007-13x30')

Now in its third series, My Business Television is all about helping small business owners deal with the issues and challenges that affect everyone in the sector: sales, marketing, cash flow, IT, time management, red tape, succession planning.


Here’s how it works: each week selected experts from the My Business TV team visit a small business with a plan. While these plans are designed for just one business, the information will help many as it’s clear, easy to follow and, importantly, it’s tailored to the business' budget.




INSIDE FRANCHISING (Series 1-12x30'+1x60')

Inside Franchising will take a fast-paced look at three ranchises each episode.For each franchise on the show, we’ll look at the businesses’ CEOs, the dynamics within each franchise system and what contributes to the success of the business.


The host of our show, Samantha Kume, has over 18 years of journalistic experience. She also brings a business perspective to the show, having started up her own company two years ago.




THE CAR SHOW (Series 2-6x30' Series 3-16x30' Series 4-28x30' Series 5 2007 22x30')

The Car Show looks at people’s passion for cars – old and new - as well as road testing the latest release vehicles international car manufacturers.


The Car Show is an informative motoring-lifestyle show, from coddled classics to sporty specials, scenic drives, restoration projects, manufacturer profiles, test drives and automobile technology – all roads are travelled on The Car Show.



THE BOAT SHOW (Series 1 & 2-20x30' Series 3-13x30' Series 4-10x30')

From the makers of The Car Show looking at Boats instead of cars. The hosts board boats of all shapes and sizes from 14-foot tinnies to 30 million dollar luxury yachts.


Not limited to just boats, The Boat Show brings you up to speed with all the latest gadgets and boating tips, as well as visiting some breathtaking locations both in Australia and abroad.



2 DANS FISHING TV- (6x30')

Educational and Informative big fish action with two hot young guys. Featuring Erin McNaught and celebrity chefs Damien Heads and Manu Feildel.


Dan Trotter and Dan Burgess host this sensational look at some of the trophy fish to be found and deliver helpful information on how to land them in the thick of the action.



BLOKES WORLD (Series 1 13x30' Series 2 13x30')

Series1 Blokesworld has just returned from hitting the Road once again this time with an international feel. Stops include Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Belgium and Tokyo, with too many highlights to mention.

Series2 Will the Blokesworld team’s exciting international adventures ever end? The gang have just been all over the U.S.A......






Twenty Six minutes of feel good light entertainment which traverses the world of "Blokedom".


This is a show lets men rediscover the joys of a roaring V 8 engine, a good BBQ, betting on the dogs and a bit of a perve along the way. Plus handy hints on how a bloke can re-immerse himself into a culture more reminiscent of the sporting 70’s than the metrosexual 90’s.





THE RONNIE JOHNS HALF HOUR (Series 1-13x30' Series 2-13x30')


An Australian sketch show that’s funny.  Hosted by a cowboy riding a papier-mache horse, the humour is fresh, funny and irreverent rather than smutty.


The second series is currently airing on Network Ten in Australia. 





JOKER POKER (2005 - 12x60')(2006 - 18x60')

Joker Poker follows a group of great comedians competing for laughs and a whole lot of money, in a no holds barred, high stakes game of poker.

Poker is a game of skill and strategy and each of the comedians will be competing to win the “pot” that will ultimately benefit the comedian’s charity of choice. Whether you’re a poker aficionado or total novice, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an enthralling combination of hilarity and tension.





Dynamic Yoga is the aerobics of the new millennium - a blend of tai chi, martial arts , Qigong and traditional yoga.

The beauty of Dynamic Yoga is it can be as demanding or relaxing as you want it to be and it can be done anywhere at any time... At the core of Dynamic Yoga are breathing techniques designed to help everyone.





Nature conservationalist claire madden meets the animals of borneo




CYBERSHACK (Series 1-21x30')(Series 2-29x30')

CYBERSHACK mixes geeks, games, gadgets and gorgeous girls in a new must see Australian produced show for gamers and technology nerds. Cyber Shack TV showcases the very latest from the world of games.


Each week model, presenter and gaming enthusiast, Erin McNaught will road test the latest games from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and compare the gaming experience to real life!




GOGO STOP (200x30')

Go Go Stop is a children's quiz show. Thirty plasma screens make the gamezone.


Contestants answer tricky questions to win points in order to move across the screens. Not knowing what’s hidden under each screen, they face challanges at every stop. But only one of them will make it through to the final round, where prizes are up for grabs.








2 DANS FISHING - DVD 1x85' + DVD 1x85'

2 DVDS series with more on the way. Educational and Informative big fish action with two hot young guys. Feature plus DVD extras 3hrs of footage. Featuring celebrity guest chefs Damien Heads and Manu Feildel.


Dan Trotter and Dan Burgess host this sensational look at some of the trophy fish to be found and deliver helpful information on how to land them in the thick of the action.



MUM TO MUM - 5 DVDS (56' 82' 74' 77' 67')

Both Mel Farrell and Emma Grimwade, the creator of "Mum to Mum", understand only too well how hard it is being a new parent. Emma has four gorgeous children, and Mel has two!


Understanding how hard it is to read a mountain of baby books whilst sleep deprived, the girls decided a visual guide in the form of a DVD would build confidence and empower both mums and dads in an etertaining and informative manner.



How many times have you seen a wicked street dancing featured in video clips and asked yourself how and where can I learn to dance like that?


Mega Jam DVD is the latest DVD to create a cutting edge stylised film clip, jam packed with the latest street moves. Luis Pinto breaks down every street in a fun and exiting way





They say necessity is the mother of invention, but for Troy Jones, filmmaker, necessity was the father of Being Dad – The Birth DVD. About to become a dad for the first time, and way behind in his reading, film crew in tow, Troy teamed up with a leading obstetrician, some financial planning mates, a nappy changing expert, a male nurse and 60 dads to uncover the mysteries of pregnancy and birth.


The resulting DVD, a ground breaking, hilarious and emotional documentary film has been lauded by critics and commentators alike.



Learn to workout in your office chair, standing in a queue, literally anywhere.


Revolutionise your view of exercise and turn any moment of your day into the best workout you will ever do. Simple, convenient and highly effective.


Learn to workout in your office chair, standing in a queue, literally anywhere. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve without a running shoe in sight.



Every child loves  to draw, why not help them reach their full potential from the earliest age (0-18 months).

Following in the tradition of Baby Einstein, this DVD expands  a baby's development to include creativity. Images mixed with well known classical music.


Produced with a Developmental Psychologist, Creative Child: Inspired Baby is the first of its kind. They will learn that although it helps to have some rules, creative drawing has no boundaries.




Fight back educates women of all fitness levels in self defence with simple, easy to learn techniques are taught for real life situations. This is a must for all women who want to combat their fears and be confident in their ability to defend themselves against an attacker.


From car park to blind date, Fight Back covers all those situations where women are most likely to be victims of an attack. Practice the techniques and gain confidence and skills that might just save your life.







Please call +61 2 9319 5667 to discuss any programmes you are considering.